GrassGrassRoots Food is the site that celebrates healthy food and climate-friendly farming. We don't just think the two are compatible, we believe they belong together – they're natural companions. We're also supporters of good science, especially the kind that engages with whole systems and isn't content to merely take things apart.

But there's another kind of knowledge the knowledge that comes from the observations and experiences of men and women who have grown healthy food over the generations. We think this is important too, and you'll find some fine examples on these pages.

Most of all we're interested in grass. Down the ages human beings have produced some of their finest foods from animals kept on herb-rich pasture. Sadly we've now taken many of our food animals off pasture. By abandoning grassland we have damaged our planet, our animals and our own health. It's time to reclaim our world's greatest and most neglected resource – grassland.

This site is dedicated to promoting healthy food from pastured animals. We'll show how – in today's world – grassland farming will feed us cheaper and better than modern industrial agriculture. So join with us in the great new food adventure of the 21st century!


Press Review for The Carbon Fields:

  • “The establishment has made a hash of things. Graham Harvey offers a solution” The Telegraph
  • “The way to boost our self sufficiency in food, improve our health and respect our environment” Countryfile Magazine
  • “A Powerful and thought provoking book” The Country Smallholder

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